Dynamo Usage
03 / 2008
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Dynamo works on any webserver which supports CGI or Perl. No additional software is required.

  • Copy dynamo.pl and dynamo-config.pl into your CGI directory.
  • Place buttons and (if needed) the TinyMCE directory on your webspace.
  • Choose or create a directory for your data (and allow write access).
  • Adjust the name and URL of your System, and the path names in dynamo-config.pl if necessary. Here you can also easily specify further options such as automatic backup and functionality of the HTML editor.
  • It's best to start with copying some example list (say my-list.txt) to the data-directory, and then test it's functionality in the browser. (Use the URL .../dynamo.pl?action=admin&list=my-list)


A more or less complete specification of Dynamo.pl is available here (sorry it's written in German).


You will find a list of some easy and some more advanced examples below, with the required lists, templates and links available for download.
Remark: Dynamo supports 3 different ways to make changes to lists:
  1. Editing inside your custom template (example)
  2. Editing without template (example)
  3. Editing the text-file (example) directly for example for mass data import / export


Description Links Lists Templates
* A very basic and easy to set up blog.
Just the textfile and 4 additional tags in your homepage and you have your first blog ready.
View Admin Blog
Blog.txt blog.html
** A list of photo galleries with automatic tumbnail generation. View Admin Galleries Galleries.txt
** An easy RSS feed, using only about 10 lines of code. View Admin Feed Feed.txt feed.xml
*** A complete copy of the site www.m8j.net, editable for anyone for trying it (Password: test). View Admin List
Admin Categories
Admin Sticky
*** A copy of a slightly complex site, www.jms-fuerstenland.ch, editable for anyone for testing. View Admin Pages
Admin kalender


Why Dynamo ?

"Why another Content Management System ?"

Dynamo is just one Perl file and thus requires close to no installation and configuration efforts. In addition it provides more flexibility in how to make changes to your content than many other systems.

"Lists aren't powerfull enough to reflect the structure of the world !"

Dynamo also supports lists of lists of lists..., file uploads wherever you want, both 1-to-n as well as n-to-m-relations between any pair of lists, bidirectional relations, and auto-resizing of images. No problem to even build tree structures with a Dynamo list. But yes, you're probably right *g*.