Visualize Atom Orbitals in Real-Time  

This software visualizes electrons in atoms. The so-called "orbitals" are 3-dimensional waves.

- Waves ?

Yes, your teacher in school was definitely wrong when he said the electron was moving on a circle around the core. You've probably heard that light can be a wave or a particle. Electrons behave quite similarly. Quantum Mecanics is the theory which describes this wave-phenomena. Because the math behind the calculation of these orbital waves is tough, we need the computer to visualize this beautiful objects.

Orbitals is very easy to use and runs real-time on your Mac.
Besides: Impressive 3D visual effect.



Orbitals for Macintosh (PPC):    orbitals.sit    (only 120kb, Encoding with StuffItExpander)

There is a small pdf-file about Orbitals and the math behind it.


  Why Orbitals ?  

Orbitals is completely real-time and interactive. It runs at 35 frames per second even on a standard iMac, and provides high graphics quality. Users can directly interact with the object they are watching. This means real-time mouse-rotating, changing quantum numbers, zoom and more. With all this features, Orbitals is still very easy to use.

Features of Orbitals:

  • Visualizes all possible wave functions up to n=40
  • Lets you zoom and rotate the orbitals in real-time with the mouse
  • Calculates superpositions of up to 15 orbitals
  • Visualizes "Hybridization" and atoms with more than one electron
  • Powerful 3D and slice view
  • Open and save your own orbitals




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